Sorry Iona's Toybox is currently unavailable

Due to the UK's recent "Online Safety Act" we have made the difficult decision to (at least temporarily) stop providing the Iona's Toybox service. It's not so much the safety duties of the act that make it difficult for us, but rather the considerable adminstrative burden it imposes (risk assessments, updates to terms of service, complaint procedures, and indeed just reading and understanding the over 300 dense pages of legalise!). We hope to bring it back once we have got suitable legal advice on all of this.


Iona's Toybox is a collection of multiplayer games designed specifically for younger children. All the games work with 2-4 players and encourage learning through play. Play takes place in a private room, and there is no voice or text chat built into the app, which makes it a very safe environment.

Caterpillar Kitchen

Space Rally

Sweet Shop

Beach Hunt